Research Projects

• Novel Efficient Algorithms and Tools for Motif Localization and Discovery (NeatMLD) on a Genome Scale. (Funded by National Plan for Since and Technology (NPST)) (Winter 2013-Fall 2014)
• A General Algorithmic Framework for Solving the Median Problem using Genome Rearrangement Techniques. (Funded by Research Centre at KSU) (Fall 2014-Winter 2015)

Ph.D Projects

• Next generation global structural variation analysis. (proposal stage)
• Hybrid Classification algorithms for Microarrays data. (ongoing)
• C​​omputational and Data Mining Approaches for Motif Discovery. (done Fall 2013)

Master Projects

• PhyloBee:Phylogenetic Tree Construction inspired by Bees Algorithm. (Thesis, ongoing)
• Genome Rearrangement for RNA Secondary Structures. (Project, ongoing)
• Trie-based Structural Interacting Motif Localization (TrieSIML) Tool. (Project, done Fall 2012) Still ongoing for extensions
• Component Based Pair-wise RNA Secondary Structures Alignment Algorithm. (Project, done Fall 2013) Still ongoing for extensions
• The Median Problem: A Hybrid Heuristic Approach with Application in Bioinformatics. (Project, done Winter 2013)
• Trie-based Sequential Motif Localization (TrieSeqML) Tool. (Project, done Winter 2013)

Undergraduate Projects

• TrieAMD: Am Apriori Motif Discovery Tool. (done Fall 2012)
• A Web-based Tool for Visualization of RNA Secondary Structures. (done Winter 2012)

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