Funding and Awards


• Applied for funding NPST Project: "Big Data Platform for Supporting Genomics-based Medicine" in March 2014 (pending approval from international Committee)

• Small Research Group from RC center at KSU (Fall 2014-Winter 2015) RC center at KSU, Amount: ~ 70,000 RS

• Morae | Usability Testing is available, an important software for testing resultant tools for master and under graduate students by experts.

• National Plan for Science and Technology (NPST) project "Novel Efficient Algorithms and Tools for Motif Localization and Discovery (NeatMLD) on a Genome Scale" Applied in March 2012, approved in October 2012 and released in September 2013, ~ 1,200,000 RS.

      o Part of the fund is dedicated to build a new Bioinformatics lab in the new campus, with High Performance Computing Machines (HPC) (Lab S18, B6).
      o HPC machine is acquired and available for extensive experiment requirements. (Currently under use by master and Ph.D students)

•Collage research group fund, 20,000 RS (approved March 2013).


• Winner of the best poster award at the ISBRA conference, Dallas US, 2012.

• Outstanding research achievements by graduate studies in Science and Engineering for Graduate student, KSU, 2013.

• Winner of the General Prize Award at First Graduate Students Annual Scientific Meeting (GSASM) for CCIS MSc Student, April 2013.

• Participation in KAUST undergraduate competition for WEB 2013.

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