1. Establishing a forum for conducting collaborative and multidisciplinary research. Hence, helping different faculty members and graduate students from different disciplinary to apply their research experience in the field of bioinformatics. This can lead to the development of sophisticated computational methods that is important to the field.

2. Establishing a research environment conducive to building research capacity for early career faculty & grad students in the field of bioinformatics.

3. Encourage undergraduates to attend in all group activities and to participate in projects that are related to bioinformatics. This will help in increasing the awareness of young generation for the field.

4. To conduct a research that agrees with the strategic national plan for science and technology.

5. To publish all the results obtained from research methodologies, developed tools, implementations and scientific achievements in the form of published scientific papers, workshop/conferences presentations, and reports.

6. To facilitate seminars and training sessions that can be given by internal and/or international expertise and affiliated researchers who are working in the bioinformatics field. This can benefit in transferring of experience to our college faculty members and students.

7. To outreach through cross-disciplinary workshop/seminars to showcase the team novel contributions to the domain of bioinformatics and facilitate the dissemination of the research group findings to researchers in the local, regional, and international communities.

8. To facilitate connections between students and other professors in international universities who are working in the field of bioinformatics so that they can start their training/study abroad.